BYU’s ‘It Gets Better’ Videos

Facebook recently told me that BYU film students just won a whole mess of student Emmys, I believe a record amount for a single school; it’s great to see the progress there in the department (even with the departure of one of my mentors Eric Samuelsen) and it bodes well for the emerging corps of Mormon filmmakers coming through there now.

And today Facebook, with help from the Huffington Post, also told me that there’s a new body of Trevor Project films by and for homosexual students at BYU. These seem to be really authentic videos and a great compliment to other recent developments like the “I’m a Mormon” campaign–this really fills out the group portrait the Church-produced videos are painting. As with all things related to homosexuality and Mormonism (the anchor film’s copyright notice is in the film Far Between’s name) I hope these strengthen connections rather than putting up barriers. Watch it here or go to the YouTube page to see all the related videos.

One response to “BYU’s ‘It Gets Better’ Videos

  1. Here’s a link to a BYU press release about the winning student films: Great job, everyone! – Randy

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